Balance So Cool Collection

Talent, artistry and great partnerships.

An exceptional stylist.

Pino Troncone attended the Tony&Guy school, then worked for Tony Rizzo and Anthony Mascolo.

He became artistic director of the Tony Rizzo franchise in Italy, later meeting Filippo Sepe of Crazy Fashion.

For two years he coordinated the Academy’s activities and during this time made a name for himself on the international circuit in Mexico, Portugal, Venezuela, New York and even the World Hair Dressing Congress in London.

Travelling the globe brought him into contact with influences, new experiences, fashions and trends that he then put his own personal stamp on, in inimitable Troncone Style.

Pino Troncone is a creative genius and his work conveys passion, energy and great professionalism. At the 2013 Visionary Awards in London he was one of the three Italian finalists in an event where only the top 25 international stylists compete.

After the success of the “STREET STYLE“ and “WHITE STYLE” collections, SENS.ÙS® is proud to present the new 2014 collection “BALANCE SO COOL



Pino, what is the inspiration of your BALANCE “COOL” Collection 2014?

“It’s a collection that to some extent looks back to the 1970s and ‘80s, which is great for everyone, because we have cuts that are medium, long and short. Everyone can have one of these styles! While the previous collection STREET STYLE was more specific, more selective, the new collection BALANCE is accessible to everyone. Everyone can take control of their own image and make it unique. A style that becomes more commercial, but without renouncing the highest quality and the best taste, so it’s commercial but also original in its style.

As a team we really like research and we’re always coming up with innovations. In this case we were inspired by the world of recycling and created this dress made of straws, which we paired with this cap-like style with all these layers of colour, making it truly original.

In this case, however, everything is based on the image effect.”

Gerry, what are you proposing to the hairdresser with this collection?

“In this collection, we focused on colours like gold, silver and these purples hiding in mahogany. All very delicate colours, that together with the look and the lines of the cut create an equilibrium, giving the collection a very subtle effect, a kind of “now you see it, now you don’t”. Just as there’s prêt-à-porter and haute couture in fashion, there’s no point us offering couture when our customers want  prêt-à-porter.

This collection has also been designed to be used in the professional training courses we want to organize, helping hairdressers obtain the best possible results for their clients.”



Pino Troncone and Gerry Ferrazano

Credits New Collection 2014 “BALANCE“

• Location: G&P Cosmetics (Sansepolcro, Toscana)
• Photographer: Stefano Bidini
• International Artistic Director: Pino Troncone
• Hair styling team: TSF – Gerry Ferazzano
• Technical team and products: SENS.US
• Make up: Oriana Curti, Michela Traversini
• Clothes Styling: Elena Monti